Harness wind power locally

High performance all year round

Zero pollution and compact design

Save grid connection cost

the better alternative

A new smart way to harness wind

A unique innovative hybrid wind turbine model designed for urban areas or wherever space is limited, but clean energy is needed. Compact, quiet, lightweight, modular, and durable, it is by far your smartest choice when it comes to renewable energy sources.

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For existing solar & wind parks

Having created a solution which integrates perfectly with solar, we can partner up to immensely increase efficiency.

For Corporates

We help industry leaders ensure energy efficiency and reach their climate change goals.

For EPC Companies

Through integrated efficiency and new and improved technology, we’ll help you shorten energy project schedules and minimize budget overruns.

Real Estate Developers

We provide clean energy for real estate projects just starting, newly built buildings, or those in the process of being built.

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About Us

Norhybrid is a disruptive green-tech company with a mission to bridge the gap between the world's demand for electricity and its supply, only in a clean and cost-effective way.