What we offer

Welcome to a new world of on-site renewable energy. With our disruptive technology,
we can generate wind power more efficiently than ever before.

Infrastructure Projects

Do you want your own, independent energy supply but don’t have the expertise to implement it? Based on your specific business needs and requirements, we’ll deal with the complete technical process, from origination, early-stage development, construction and operation plan, all the way to legal matters and making sure all those boxes are ticked. We are your ideal renewable energy partner!

Integrated & independent green energy supply

If you want to lower your electricity costs, take part in the transformation to green energy, and be the first to get your hands on innovative green-tech solutions, you’re at the right place.

Exploit wind resources right from your rooftop with our hybrid renewable energy solution. With a low footprint and high energy output, it offers you extreme energy cost reductions, all while making the most out of urban wind.

Smart wind turbine

This is no ordinary wind turbine. Our smart solution has been designed to be beautifully integrated with the urban landscape, combining high efficiency with low energy costs.

It can also be integrated with solar parks or other energy sources, generating high levels of power, helping businesses save on utility bills, and becoming more environmentally conscious at the same time. An innovative alternative to traditional windmills.

Are renewable energy sources cheaper?

Solar and wind are now the cheapest form of electricity generation in much of the world. Nearly two-thirds – 62 percent – of the wind, solar, and other renewables that started operating in 2020 were cheaper than the cheapest new fossil fuel. This is more than double the same percentage in 2019. According to reports, emerging economies will save up to $156 billion during the lifespan of renewable projects introduced in 2020 alone.

How does a vertical axis wind turbine work?

Wind turbines with vertically oriented blades that spin around a vertical shaft are known as vertical axis wind turbines. They generate electricity in the same manner as horizontal axis wind turbines do: the wind turns the rotor, the rotation links to the generator, and the generator transforms the mechanical energy into electricity.  What sets vertical axis wind turbines apart is the possibilities they offer. With a wide range of feasible designs—blades, structures, and shapes— they can affect the operational principle, performance, and applications.

How many years does it take for a vertical wind turbine to pay for itself?

It takes just three to six months for a turbine to produce enough energy to offset the energy used in its manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning after its 20-25 year lifetime.

What infrastructure is needed for Vertical wind turbines?

Typical windmill farms require a vast space in order to be constructed and fully operative. Small wind turbines, on the other hand, can be installed on rooftops or the ground, with no specific requirements infrastructure-wise. They can be integrated with solar parks, installed in existing buildings or ones in the process of being built, or any other environment on land.